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Possible sources of cheap kitchen appliances (we need an oven & hob)



We already have a fridge.



We have an oven! It is sitting in the Workshop waiting to be installed.


Something good, with a big glass door. We want to see the yummy stuff as it cooks. Bread, crumbles, flapjacks, pizzas, all recipes to be well documented in the wiki.

A bad oven can seriously impede caek baek, and can waste a lot of heat.

Double or single ?

  • I'd suggest single, because as far as I can tell you just end up with two small ovens that you can't fit anything big into. But it depends whether we're getting a freestanding one, I guess. Any more thoughts?

We won this EOU 5330 W electrolux oven & EHP 6602 K hob, not single and not as shiny as the Neff hob but better than it looks in that picture ; and only a fiver so we can chuck it out when we find something better.


We won this for £20 in an auction, which is a decent hob. We need to determine whether it should be used instead of the cooker hob.

  • There's no special reason to use the electrolux hob - no controls integrated or anything, and the Neff hob has no knobs to capture dirt. But there's also the possibility of fitting both - would be useful for cooking larger meals, and wouldn't really affect the use as a worktop when not in use.
    • I think 8 hobs is overkill for any purpose we will realistically have. This hob is nicer, but if we are keeping the other one then the knobs will be there anyway - can't see that it is reasonable to fit both. Can the hob on the elecrtolux be separated from the oven? If not I think it would be best to keep this one in a box until we get a modern oven. Robert 08:16, 25 September 2010 (UTC)
    • Yes, the electrolux hob is completely separate from the oven and probably interchangeable with the Neff in terms of worktop cutout.
      • I would be in favor of just scrapping the electrolux then, assuming there is no technical justification for using it over the Neff. Robert 20:08, 25 September 2010 (UTC)
Model T1722 W0
Surface Black Ceran glass-ceramic
Dimensions 575mm (width) x 505mm (depth)
Control Touch with residual heat indicators

Electronic boil start control

Back left 0.75/2.2kWh - 12/21cm (dual)
Back right 1.2kWh - 14.5cm
Front left 1.2kWh - 14.5cm
Front right 2.0kWh - 18cm


We're currently thinking of just a counter to turn the kitchen into a C shape. We could then add something like Noisebridge's mosaic.


The auction also got us over 200 beer and other glasses. I propose we put 50 or so in the space and put the rest on sale to members & visitors at 50p each. If this is successful it will pay for the cookers ! It may be possible to etch them with the laser.

Better ideas are welcome.

FYI, there are approximately 48 Pedigree, 15 John Smith, 22 Adnam, 12 Abbot, 11 1744, 25 1664, 24 London Pride, 25 Fosters, 2 Becks, 4 Coke, 20 plain tulip, 14 plain conical, 4 plain tulip half pint.