Orders/Alibaba 122x32 LCD Displays

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Organised by Sci.

The LCDs are here: http://eastrising.en.alibaba.com/product/520361167-212974175/LCD_Graphic_Display_122x32.html

I've been quoted $7.50USD (so about £4.62 each) plus about $35 (~£22) postage to the UK for the 4 I'm after. Price might go down a bit if people are interested. I don't know the price-break quantities though.


Red-on-black (ERM12232DNR-1):

  • Sci x4
  • DMI x2
  • Mark Steward x4
  • tgreer x1
  • Jon Fautley (Filbert) x 2

Total: 13

Other items:

  • DMI x3 dark-blue-on-white (ERM12232GS-1) $6.40ea.
  • Kimball Johnson x2 dark-blue-on-white (ERM12232GS-1) x1 ERC24064SBS-1 (white on blue) x1
  • tgreer x1 (ERM12232GS-1) $6.40ea.