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This is organised by Solexious, contact in the space, via IRC or at CharlesYarnold@gmail.com

Labcoats Available

There are 2 styles of coat available (both around £23 inc embroidery):

  • Standard full length lab coat - Good for general use. - Product page
  • Evil Style - Gives you +10 evil points, but is hot/restrictive. - Product page

All coats come embroidered with the Blue H logo, "London Hackspace", and your name/nick (optional). Embroidery sample


Please add your name if you're interested in buying one:

  • NickB - while the evil ones do look cool, I'm more likely to actually use the regular style.
  • tajasel - most interested in the girly style I think.
  • SamLR Standard please!
  • Phil
  • CaptainTerrile - standard in L!
  • Spike - Standard stylee in (erm) 2XL (extra lardy-boy) please!
  • Nokomis - Lady's Princess Style for me please!
  • Big Will - Standard Style, also 2XL (Use 'Gilly' For nickname please)
  • Akki - Lady's Princess Style XL, dunno what to put for name yet (will think more and update accordingly)
  • tgreer - Standard in large please. Use tgreer for stitching please :)
  • Karl (Deadlight) - Evil in XL ("Deadlight" for the name)
  • Underhand - Standard in XL please