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| Ruben Garcia Martin (finitud at gmaildotcom) || wyan || L? || wyan
| Ruben Garcia Martin (finitud at gmaildotcom) || wyan || L? || wyan
| Ben (ben at burry.name) || Standard || M || Ben

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This is organised by Solexious, contact in the space, via IRC or at CharlesYarnold@gmail.com

Labcoats Available

There are three styles of coat available (all around £25 inc embroidery, price dependant on volume of order):

  • Standard full length lab coat - Good for general use. - Product page
  • Evil Style - Gives you +10 evil points, but is hot/restrictive. - Product page
  • Princess - Because you have lady bits, not because you like tiaras (a love of tiaras doesn't disqualify you from buying said style of labcoat) - Product page

All coats come embroidered with the Blue H logo, "London Hackspace", and your name/nick (optional). Embroidery sample


Please add your name if you're *interested* in buying one, (this is not an order), based on the list a quote will be obtained on the 13/12/12 if enough interest is shown.

Real name and email Type Size Stitched Nick
Will Green (inbox flux.org.uk) Standard XL Flux
SamLR sam [dot] lindenrathen gmail com standard M SamLR
Dave Ingram (user: [forename]; domain: dmi me uk) Standard L DMI
Heather Sullivan belovedgoddess gmail com Princess XL Akki
Jonty (jonty@jonty.co.uk) Standard M Internet famous Tom Scott
Tim R (tim at christwithfries.net) Evil XL Capt. Terrible
Spike (spike@tenbus.co.uk) Evil 2XL Spike
Ian Henderson (irh@advancedforensics.com) Standard XL Thumper
Jim Allanson (jim@jimallanson.com) Evil M Jim
Gavan Fantom (gavan () coolfactor . org) Standard XL Underhand
Martin Johnston (martin.d.johnston at gmail.com) Standard L Dr J
Paddy Duncan (padski@padski.co.uk) Evil M \o/
Chris Paton (christopher.paton@gmail.com) Evil M Hipster
Samuel Keating-Fry (mister.keating@gmail.com) Evil M Samuel
Tim Storey (tim.storey@gmail.com) Evil L lbdl
Kitty Wong (chaoticeunoia@gmail.com) Evil XS Maow
nin-lil-izi@phoenixhaven.net Princess ? Nin Lil'izi
Ruben Garcia Martin (finitud at gmaildotcom) wyan L? wyan
Ben (ben at burry.name) Standard M Ben