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This is organised by Solexious, contact in the space, via IRC or at CharlesYarnold@gmail.com

Labcoats Available

There are 2 styles of coat available:

  • £18 Standard full length lab coat - Good for general use. - Product page
  • £20 Evil Style - Gives you +10 evil points, but is hot/restrictive. - Product page

All coats come embroidered with the Blue H logo, "London Hackspace", and your name/nick (optional). Embroidery sample


A minimum order of 5 is needed, order deadline midnight 15/10/10.

Please add you name to the list and paypal your cash to the above address, or give to me in person.

  • Standard, Mark, M
  • Standard, Hikey, M
  • Standard, B3CFT / Bob, XL
  • Evil, zzgavin, M (logo, London Hackspace and zzgavin please)

None London

Without the London Hackspace line, but with logo and name

  • Evil, tomwardill, M
  • Evil, wesleymason, S
  • Normal, parag0n, 4XL (can logo be black / red?)
  • Normal, mattp, M
  • Evil, zzgavin, M