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This is an order for modular component storage boxes, great for storing SMD components, beads, screws or anything tiny you need to organise! They snap together to make larger groups of small boxes. Adafruit sell these, I'm ordering some for the ElectricLab workshop direct from China and know others would like to get some too. If you would like to get in on the order add your name to the list!

Looking to place the order around the 17th, delivery will take around 2 weeks.

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  1. 25 × 31.5 × 21.5mm 6g - £0.15p (Black, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green)
  2. 75 × 31.5 × 21.5mm 16g - £0.60p (no colour choice)
  3. 75 × 63 × 21.5mm 27g - £0.90p (no colour choice)
  4. 125 × 63 × 21.5mm 42g - £1.10p (no colour choice)

Postage is extra and will be divided based on weight of your order. (but will be quite low)

Payment for product cost can be made either in person at the space or via paypal (but you would need to pay the fees), shipping cost paid on delivery :)


  • Charles Yarnold - charlesyarnold@gmail.com
    • 100 x Size 1 (50 blue, 50 Green)
    • 10 x Size 4