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Miloud Bouhaddou (Scooby)


Hello all i'm (Scooby) MIL0UD B0UHADD0U, I'm super friendly, outgoing, caring, very approachable and easy going, born and lived in London all my life and a man of many trades mostly by use of hands. My main interests and hobbies are everything to do with mechanics, electrically propelled vehicles, metal works/fabrication and welding. My weakness are spending too much of my HS hacking time socialising and helping others with their super exciting projects.

I joined around five years ago when space and rules was never a big issue, everything just fell into place and was workable when our members was less than just a few hundred at the time. I've always played a huge part in the logistics side of running the HS and most importantly during our last transition over to our current location and hopefully to our new one too. I also work on the day to day behind the scenes politics which can sometimes be a huge drain but always rewarding once any issues have been resolved.

My mandate: Fairness, Honesty, Clarity, and Transparency. We should all be treated with the same care, consideration and respect that we give and receive, we should all work and coexist with one another and always within a friendly and happy environment, and that no other, (no matter what position they hold) should tower over another.

One of my biggest concerns is the unfair process regarding the grievance procedure and the lack of trustees failing to take immediate action/intervention and being [Truncated at 250 words]

Brian Cox

That's me on the left ...

Hi , My name is Brian Cox (No relation ) and I wish to run for this years trustee elections for the London hackspace, I'm 45 this coming year and have done many things . I have travelled a lot and been in the forces for some six years I'm skilled in antique furniture restoration and 5 star catering, at this moment In time I'm part of Project Dalek and help run a few of the conventions on Johns behalf. I'm currently looking to start a props business on the side and to develop it in to a full time passion by learning the skills here at the hackspace and from the people around me.

Timour Chomilier (CptPrime)


I’m Timour or CptPrime on IRC. The London Hackspace has been hugely important to me these past 2 years living in London.

Joining the sub group London Aerospace has not only given me a fantastic group of friends to enjoy my hobby with, but also provided me with a career doing what I love.

I decided I wanted to give back the space so I’ve taken on maintaining the 3D printers. But I would like to do more by taking on a trustee role.

I don’t plan on shaking things up, I think we have good guidelines that if used sensitively can continue to maintain and grow the Hackspace.

If you’d like to talk to me I’m often in the space and would love to hear your ideas on how we can all keep the Hackspace as the great institution that it is.

Thomas Greer (tgreer)


tl:dr the Hackspace needs some trustees who are willing to take the flack from making decisions that the majority of members want made. I'm that person.

Blanca Regina


Hi I´m Blanca Regina. I'm currently involved in creating audiovisual performances, music, installations and film.

I will like to be a trustee because I think this is a position that needs to rotate, to whoever likes and loves Hackspace. For keeping up a positive attitude, the good work and maintain a clean and organized space. I think that to keep the space mantainance and to try to help whoever that needs a hand or guideline its essential. Im up for it! If I know about anything I will first make a cup of tea, I will listen and I'll try to refer you to the best ways of sorting out an idea or case.

I joined Hackspace in May 2012, and since then I feel very gratefull and close to what happens. I have met amazing people and I'm glad about it. I joined Music Hackspace and worked with the group for a couple of years curating the evening of live performances at Troyganic. I recently left the group looking forward to focus at some other initiatives. Since we moved to the new space and mostly for the last 8 months I've been focused in the Darkroom project and lately at the buildup of the Darkroom downstairs. I'm very excited about how this its turning out. Im becaming a master making tea. See you soon in the space.

Philip Roy (cepmender)


My name is Phil Roy, my IRC handle is cepmenderer. As a long standing member and former trustee I have a good grasp of the internal workings of the hackspace. My diplomatic and sensitive approach to members issues is well known. I care deeply about the hackspace and the community that has sprung up within it and would be proud once more to take a more active part in its running.

Henry Sands (YetiFiasco)


Hi, my name's Henry, I'm one of the Laser cutter Maintainers and I also organise and run the LAN parties.

I've been a member for over 3 years and had a lot of fun during that time, including making many great friends. I'm always friendly and willing to help, whether that be with woodwork, new starters or queries regarding the Laser Cutter.

The Hackspace is going to need to change heavily over the next 18 months and I want to be a leading part in that, I think I can provide level headed, objective decision making and work with current and future trustees without drama or infighting.

If you want to chat about anything, I'm YetiFiasco on IRC or my Email address is on the mailing list, I'm always open to talk.

Mat Stace (matstace)


Hi, I'm Mat, and I infrequently play with radios. I sometimes even come into the main space, if I am thirsty and have remembered enough change to buy a bottle of Mate.

As a trustee, I want the day to day running of the space to be off my radar, I firmly believe that the community needs to be re-engaged in the do-ocracy aspect of the space, and not rely on the trustees to hold hands on every little thing. I don't believe that simply being present in the space all of the time is a good measure of who would make a good trustee. (I'm also going to slap myself for typing do-ocracy. Excellent sentiment, terrible word.) I am aware of the challenges of a space with the number of members that we have, however, and am certainly not going to vanish and hide behind the "do it yourself, whilst being excellent" mantra. Most of the time ;)

Looking to the future, the next eighteen months are going to see some huge changes to LHS, including the physical location itself, so some drama-averse heads making sane, sensible decisions sound like a good addition to the trustees. I'd like to think of myself in that category, and wouldn't be putting myself forward if I thought I would be any detriment to the space.

Jan Szumiec (jasiek)


Hi, I’m Jan. I have been a member of London Hackspace since 2014, originally joining for the amateur radio interest group. Since then, I have discovered complementary groups, met a ton of interesting and smart people and made quality friends. I spend most of my time writing software, but also dabble in hardware and electronics - which led me to organise this year's edition of Stupid Hackathon London (

One of the projects I support and work on at LHS is the doorbot - they are now built on the same platform as the ACNodes which simplifies administration and improves reliability. It's also now much easier to add new capabilities when we get more equipment in. Assuming you’ve visited the space within the past year, you have already benefited from my efforts as a proactive and interested member.

I want to get involved in helping the space as a trustee for two major reasons. First, the hackspace is an amazing concept worthy of time investment. The space itself is hack-worthy and unique. Second, there is quite a lot of work with the upcoming move in March 2018. I am mindful that this requires some extra effort and would like to be involved. My no-nonsense focus will help to ensure the London Hackspace has a home in the future.

Simon Vans-Colina (simonvc)


Long time HackSpace member, co-founder of London-Aerospace and CryptoClass. Always on IRC, live locally. Pro calm discussions, inclusive and enthusiastic hacking. Anti-fascism, sexism, racism, and needless drama.