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==This Year's Candidates==
==This Year's Candidates==
* Paddy Duncan
* Tom Hodder
* Dean Forbes

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London Hackspace Trustees are chosen by the membership with a ranked-choice vote. Members are asked to rank prospective trustees; the voting process then combines these rankings and the positions for election are filled by the top candidates.


The Meek STV voting method will be used (explanation).

All paid-up members at the time of the election will receive a link by email to the voting form. The voting is run by the independent service OpaVote.

You will be asked to order all the candidates, with your favoured candidate at the top and your least favoured candidate at the bottom of the list.

The candidates are presented to you in a random order. If you have no opinion on a candidate, you can leave them where they are, and move the candidates you do have an opinion on to the top or bottom of the list.

This Year's Candidates

  • TBA

Past Elections