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London Hackspace Trustees are chosen by the membership with a ranked-choice vote. Members are asked to rank prospective trustees; the voting process then combines these rankings and the positions for election are filled by the top candidates.


The Meek STV voting method will be used (explanation).

All paid-up members at the time of the election will receive a link by email to the voting form. The voting is run by the independent service OpaVote.

You will be asked to order all the candidates, with your favoured candidate at the top and your least favoured candidate at the bottom of the list.

The candidates are presented to you in a random order. If you have no opinion on a candidate, you can leave them where they are, and move the candidates you do have an opinion on to the top or bottom of the list.

This Year's Candidates

Simon Hewison


Hello Hackspace,

It’s been suggested to me that I’d make a good trustee, because I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in the space trying to get it up and running.

Why should anyone vote for me? i’m a strong believer that if you want anything property doing you should do it yourself .. except when you can do it with friends. .. because then you might all learn something .. and do it better the next time.

That’s it.

Simon Hewison

John Michael Cullen


Long time member now involved much more in the new space. Since the move to Wembley I’ve been very involved in infrastructure - mostly network and system infrastructure, doorbot software, and ripping out miniature toilets (making way for a darkroom instead)

I believe the hackspace is as much a space to experiment and make stuff as it is a place to meet like-minded people who want a collaborative community. I am encouraged to see people start to use the space again, and I enjoy adding some of the fun features back into the space. LHS has a great facility now with a welcoming atmosphere that was a bit lacking at the previous location.

I enjoy seeing the weird and varied projects members produce, and want to encourage this by promoting diversity and inclusion so as to widen the range of ideas so we can all help each other to make both the space and the activities within even more awesome.

You can find me on IRC as mich181189 and I'm often in the space playing with computers or electronics. If you see me around, feel free to talk to me!

Philip Roy


Having served this community as a director/trustee for some time I remain as enthusiastic as ever about the opportunities and facilities that it provides. I am proud what we have all achieved and I would like to continue to assist all members to get the most of what is available here. Whether in terms of working on improvements to infrastructure, facilitating plans for our future as a community or encouraging the many social aspects of the LHS, I am ready to continue to build on what we have already.

Thomas Greer


I've been a member of London Hackspace since 2012. Since joining the space has moved to Hackney Road where I helped with the build out and electrical wiring. We expanded the amateur radio section from operating next to the laser cutter to its space in the shack where it remained prior to our departure.

Along with simonvc I co-founded London Aerospace, a group focused on RC Aircraft/Drones/Planes/Multirotors and helped turn that into a monthly meeting with occasional workshops.

I also picked up responsibility for the maintenance of the 3D printer. The original Lulzbot was in regular need of some TLC and I worked with Ian to make a more informative 3D printer training program.

I'm an active amateur radio member, and whilst we're building out the shack, I'm helping organise courses and exams like I did before to get more people involved.

With the relocation to Wembley, London Hackspace is at a turning point where we can improve on the history we've had and engage with a new community. Having knowledge of the history and all the challenges we've faced in the space historically will help with moving forward.

As a budget holder in my day job, I have experience in making financial decisions and negotiating contracts, which I feel would help making informed decisions for the hackspace. As a manager I’m expected to handle situations in order to diffuse interpersonal issues that might otherwise cause problems.

I’m almost always contactable and regularly on IRC/responding to emails.

Matthew Harrold


I’ve been a member of the London Hackspace for over 3 years and during that time I’ve always kept up to date with whats going on, via the Mailing List and IRC. I’ve also participated in all of the trustee elections and EGMs since joining the Hackspace.

I helped with the move out of Hackney Road as much as I could and have since been involved with the new build out at Ujima House, helping out with more general projects like the network and painting and also projects closer to my heart such as turning the Radio room into a useable space.

I won’t make any bold claims such as “A vote for marrold is a vote for change” - This is something we as a community can all be involved in. However I feel that now the Hackspace is the “right” side of London for me it’s now time to take some of the load off our current trustees shoulders, and put myself forward as a trustee.

Michael Trew


Joining Hackspace when it was at Cremer Street (before Hackney Road) was life-changing for me......I’d been struggling to understand how to do all the soldering for the Arduino of the RepRap 3d printer I was trying to put together…...suddenly I was surrounded by friendly “hackers” who were only too keen to help out, especially when I helped them out with things I was more familiar with, such as carpentry, metal-fabrication, mould-making and casting resins for prototypes. At the Hackney Road space I always enjoyed giving tours on Tuesday evenings, otherwise spending most of my time down in the basement and out in the yard, where I fabricated a few bike trailers and experimented with hydroponic planting. Through friends at universities I arranged to bring in donated equipment, such as kilns for metal-casting, and now I'm really keen to help get all the tools and equipment in the new wood and metal workshops to be as safe and useful as possible. The new location hasn't been so easy for me to get to until two months ago, when I passed my driving test and bought an electric van! Now I'm extremely keen to spend lots of time at the new space.....helping to make it a great place to work on fun worthwhile projects, in the company of friendly like-minded people ^_^ If elected to be a trustee I'll absolutely do my best to help our community to have the best Hackspace we can possibly have!

Past Elections