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Instructions for making a PCB

PCB etching at the LHS Some specifics about using our equipment - This is the canonical guide about etching PCBs at LHS
Project:PCB_Making A general description of the process with photos (oldish page)

Descriptions of the equipment

Equipment/PCB_etch_station A description of the etching tank and sink most often used at the hackspace
Project:PCB_Making/Cupric_chloride_etchant Maintenance instructions for the Cupric Chloride etchant


Project:DIY_PCB_Making A list of the steps, intended as an outline for a workshop session
Project:PCB_Design_with_Eagle_CAD Topics for a workshop on using a popular crippleware design package, Eagle CAD

Less useful pages

Pledges/PCB_Etch_Tank The purchase of a secondhand etch tank
Project:PCB_Etch_Tank A proposal to build a spray etch tank
Polychlorinated Biphenyl a transformer cooling fluid now deprecated due to environmental concerns