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The Item


New 100L stainless steel pot to use as a boiling kettle for brewing. Jim recommends eBay user: bergland24 from whom he has purchased one before for ~€50+€20PP

Other options are from: or include pre drilled holes and ball valves.

Brief list of options :

  • £65+shipping for standard pot, no fittings
  • £95+shipping for standard pot, with ball valve

Current goal is the £95+shipping standard pot with ball valve. Will need to cover shipping costs and a hop filter. Stretch goal includes adding a sight tube to it too.

ORDERED: with ball valve.


Our 50L Keggle isn't big enough to make the most from our mash tun and multiple fermenting vessels. Plan is to relegate the Keggle to be the hot liquor tank (HLT), and use this pot to boil in.


  • £40 Det - PAID
  • £20 [Ross] - PAID
  • £40 Russ - PAID
  • £10 TimR - PAID
  • £10 Jasper - £10 but in beer donations thing.


  • Running total: £120
  • Target: ~£110 (£95+shipping)
  • Paid: £100
  • Actual Cost: £114 (incl shipping. excl hop filter which I'll order separately)