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* £1 - [[User:Paul2|Paul2]]
* £1 - [[User:Paul2|Paul2]]
* £20 [[User:tolland|tolland]]
* £20 [[User:tolland|tolland]]
* £40 [[User:fridgehead|tomw]]
Running total: '''£101'''
Running total: '''£161'''
Approximate target: '''£1000'''
Approximate target: '''£1000'''

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There has been some interest whenever X-ray machines are mentioned. I've just seen rather a nice one, and I think it would be an impressive asset to the hackspace.

It's second-hand, ex-medical (possibly dental) and fairly modern : electronic camera, so no need for film processing and all the naughty bits are hidden in a lead-lined cabinet so we're not going to get too much involuntary sterilisation happening. I understand the sensor is large, which is A Good Thing. But I'm not very well-informed about this sort of kit so I'm interested in more experienced opinion.


What for?

Coolness, obviously. But also :

  • reverse-engineering potted electronics
  • checking hidden solder joints such as BGAs
  • <-your application here->

But not for:

  • broken arms (it's not big enough, and needs the door to close, so your limb would be sacrificial)
  • small animals or children (that's just cruel. be nice, people)


The cost of this machine is aproximately £1000. It's made by Faxitron. I can get more details (or find them online). The vendor is likely to have more, so if we don't raise the money in time a different one may be offered, the price may differ, or there may be some delay. I'd prefer to take advantage of the offer rather than mess the vendor about though, so I will close this pledge at the end of january if it's not filled. I may close it earlier if there's no interest, or a substantial (and logical) objection.


Running total: £161

Approximate target: £1000

Paid Total: £0