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* £30 -- [[User:mkarliner|Mike G8LKD]]
* £30 -- [[User:mkarliner|Mike G8LKD]]
* £30 --  Joe NE2Z (aka Baldrick)
* £30 --  Joe NE2Z (aka Baldrick)
* £50 -- [[User:jasiek|Jan Szumiec M0NIT]]
Running total: '''£1010'''
Running total: '''£1060'''
Approximate target: '''£800-£1,200'''
Approximate target: '''£800-£1,200'''

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We would like to erect a HF and VHF/UHF aerials at the new Hackspace location in order to operate and to have a permanent station suitable for exam practicals. We have provisional permission from the landlord, the next step is to raise the funds so we have a better idea of the budget whilst finalising the actual hardware itself.

Remember you don't have to match the value of other pledges, even a fiver in the pot will help towards getting aerials sorted.

Rough break down of costs

very rough break down of costs:

Item Notes Cost
HF Aerial Either a vertical or rigid dipole £100-350
Coax / Connectors M&P Ultraflex 7 or 10 £150-300
Poles / Fittings Scaff Poles + Fittings £200
Cherry Picker Hire Ball Park Figure £350


Running total: £1060

Approximate target: £800-£1,200

Paid: £0