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The old bandsaw has been chewing up it's old guard and may be dangerous. Let's get a more serious one.

The Item

  • Suggested model.
    • That looks like a decent bit of kit. It may well be more useful than the current one but don't think of it as a replacement - despite the similar name, they're intended for quite different jobs. A vertical bandsaw is like a heavy duty fretsaw, and used mainly for wood. A decent one fitted with a fine blade will also cope with sheet metal. A horizontal bandsaw is a faster replacement for the power hacksaw, or donkey saw - it's intended for cutting metal bars. The chinese ones are ubiquitous but generally intended for fairly light use - however people have investigated their failings and got good use out of them. See some useful repair links.

Final pice will obviously depend on model. The Hackspace may be able to cover

220 £ seems enough to get an equivalent machine to the suggested one if we go second hand, just checked eBay and it seems like there is a few options to go for!


  • £30 -- Jakob
  • £20 --Bluekieran 11:51, 7 December 2010 (UTC)
  • £50 -- Niels
  • £30 -- Jonty
  • £50 -- Luke
  • £20 -- Elliot
  • £20 -- Solexious

Running total: £220

Approximate target: £500

Paid: £0