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* £50 [[User:Srimech|Jim M]]
* £50 [[User:Srimech|Jim M]]
* £50 [[User:Sully|Sully]]
* £50 [[User:Sully|Sully]]
* £50 [[User:Jonty|Jonty]]
'''Running Total:''' £400
'''Running Total:''' £400

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Pledge : Tent for UK Village at CCCCamp2015

Pledge leader: Nick

What do

We need to sort out tent rental for the UK village at CCC this year. The deadline for organising a tent is June 20th, and we need pledges by the 15th so we can send the money in a cost-effective way.

How Much?

We're looking at a 6x6m tent for 982€ including a wooden floor. In addition, we'll probably want some chairs (2.5€ each) and tables (25€ each).

A rough calculation puts this at ~£800 (for 6x6 tent, 3x tables,10x chairs).


Running Total: £400 Target: £800