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We are looking at purchasing a collet chuck and backing plate for the space. Pledge opened: 01.06.2019

Pledge leader: deanforbes

The item

The lathe is great but it is really not possible to work on smaller bits safely or accurately the new collet chuck will enable us to work on material between 1 and 20 mm safely or accurately

  • lathe chuck and backplate

Budget estimation

  • Backplate £41.22 Inc.VAT
  • Chuck £59.90 Inc.VAT

Part Two

  • Mag Magnetic Base £21.76
  • Dial Indicator Pin Type £8.96
  • Dial Indicator Finger £16.99


  • D1-4 Backplate and ER32 Collet Chuck


  • £10 -- Des Quilty
  • £20 -- Dean Forbes
  • £20 -- Mike Karliner
  • £20 -- Liam Lynch
  • £10 -- Andrew Ruegg
  • £20 -- Jonathan Hodgson
  • £20 -- AJP2 (this puts us over the target but I assume that money can go towards something else metal working related)
  • £20 -- Richard Wood


Please pay in your pledges into the hackspace account directly (same as membership) account and make sure to use the reference Collet_Chuck, once paid please mark them as PAID on this page .

Running total: £140

Approximate target: £145