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* [http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/air-system.htm Drying the air and other notes]
* [http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/air-system.htm Drying the air and other notes]
* [http://www.paragoncode.com/shop/compressor/ Auto drain] (because nobody will remember otherwise, and the tank will rust)
* [http://www.paragoncode.com/shop/compressor/ Auto drain] (because nobody will remember otherwise, and the tank will rust)
* Check out the [http://airtoolguy.com/ air compressor reviews], so we could pick the best air compressors.
===Budget estimation===
===Budget estimation===

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The item

This compressor would be a great addition to the workshop. They are great for a whole range of tasks:

  • Spray painting : note, needs oil filter
  • Pumping up tires
  • Quickly cleaning swarf from tools (wear eye protection)
  • Surprising Tom Scott on his way out of the toilet
  • Attaching tools like shears, wrenches, nailers etc : note, needs oil added to air
  • Cleaning dust from inside electronics (wear eye protection)
  • Cleaning crap from lasercutter cooling tubes
  • Attach a pressure vessel and you have a cannon!

With the built in chamber it can provide a greater, consistent and variable supply of compressed air over a "put put" style of compressor currently found in the space.

Additional information

Budget estimation

Total £276.14

Hackspace will match 100% of pledges from the infrastructure budget, so the total which needs to be pledged is £137.07.


  • 7.8cfm air displacement.
  • 24 litre air receiver (CE Certified).
  • 2hp, 230V motor with thermal overload protection.
  • 8bar (115psi) maximum working pressure controlled by a fully automatic pressure switch.
  • Specification also includes wheels & handle, filter regulator, twin gauges & safety valve.
  • Applications include serious DIY, hobby & light trade for spraying, inflating, blowing, certain air tools etc.
  • Dimensions (LWH) 585x285x595mm. Weight 21kg


  • £10 -- Hipster PAID in cash
  • £10 -- parag0n PAID - with ref NANODE1 because halifax wont let me change it :(
  • £20 -- Artag
  • £10 -- Sully PAID
  • £40 -- Russ PAID
  • £50 -- Solexious PAID

Running total: £140

Target: £137.07

Paid: £140