Pledge: Cutting Table

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The hackspace needs something along these lines:

This is a DIY version of a professional cutting table, which is used by costumers and tailors to trace patterns, lay out and cut fabric. I don't have enough flat table space with 360 degree access at home, and I'm guessing many others interested in sewing don't either. I could also, with some care, be used to block knitting.

It needs to be slightly modified to suit the hackspace: it must be storable (since taking up an entire table all the time is unfeasible. I propose building a top sheet consisting of a backing layer underlying cork, to be wrapped in kraft paper in- or ex-situ, which can be clamped onto one of the tables when needed. The clamps will be dedicacted to this equipment.

I am not sure what material is best to use as a backing; there doesn't seem to be an equivalent to homosote in the UK. It needs to be available as a single piece the size of a table, be sturdy enough to survive being stored flat in the wood pile, and be light enough to be moved around by one person.

The tables are 75 cm x150 cm x 3.25 cm.


  • Adhesive: Wood glue/rubber cement apprx £5

Total: 168 (102).


Running total: £90

Approximate target: £168

Paid: £0