Pledge: Drill Press

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We are looking at purchasing a new Drill Press for the space. Pledge opened: 19 September 2013

Pledge leader: sjrapid

The item

Budget estimation

  • £320 to include a new stand
  • Drill is £263 inc VAT at Machine Mart


  • 16-speeds (existing press is 5) bench-top drill press
  • 16mm chuck
  • 510w motor (existing is 370w)
  • Wet table with tilt
  • Rack and pinion lift

Additional information

  • The present drill press is very inacurate and has a number of faults. This pledge is to replace it with something built along more industrial lines, that will survive the use/abuse it will get in the space.
  • The plan is to implement a modified acNode (but with no restrictions) with the new press to log usage, and also count used hours so that maintenance and lubrication schedule can be followed.


Running total: £100

Approximate target: £320