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==Sketch - Design and Measurements==
==Sketch - Design and Measurements==
[[File:v2 down.jpg|400px|thumbnail|none|Measurement of the Garden]]
[[File:v2down.jpg|400px|thumbnail|none|Measurement of the Garden]]
==More Details==
==More Details==

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Visalisation - note that revised plan only has 4 beds
Proposed location of the said garden

Further to the discussion on the Garden Space Project thread we've have rough costings for the project.

Pledge leader: Zia


  • 09-APR-2015: Pledge drafted


Our north east corner is currently a mix weeds and rubbish which can be transformed into a clean, green and social relaxing space. This group project aims to create a raised bed edible garden with a veranda with seating the total cost building cost in the Hackspace carpark is £575.

Sketch - Design and Measurements

Measurement of the Garden

More Details

We plan to

  1. build a veranda
  2. build 4 raised beds
  3. a deadline for the project to be completed in 6 weeks which is a realistic and reasonable time so that when the soil arrives we can place it inside.

Veranda Frame & Support

Item Name Quantity Size Price
Bolt Down Wedge Grip Fence Supports 4 4 Inches £23.00
Wood Posts 4 6ft x 100mm £40.00
Plastic Sheets 10 4ft x 2ft £41.00
Top Frame Wood – Back & Front 2 10ft x 75mm £35.50
Top Frame Wood - Sides 6 6ft x 75mm £20.00
Connect Wood Support from Veranda to Raised bed 3 6ft x 75mm £20.25
Gutter Pipe to transport water off the roof 1 13ft £17.00
Total Cost: £196.75

Veranda Grape Container & Frame

Item Name Quantity Size Price
Grape Vine back trellis 1 1.8m x 3ft £30.00
Garden Screening Bark Screening 1 13ft x 4ft £33.00
Grape Plant 1 3.5ft £10.00
Raised Bed lining 250g 2 4M X 3M £16.00
Raised Bed Corner Posts 4 2ft Free (off cuts of other raised beds)
Scaffolding Boards 7 13ft x 225mm £90.65
Bolt Down Wedge Grip Fence Supports 2 4 inches £11.50
Total Cost: £191.15

4 Raised Beds

Item Name Quantity Size Price
Wood Posts (need 2ft per post) 4 10ft x 100mm cut in 5 piece £20.00
Bolt Down Wedge Grip Fence Supports 8 4 Inches £46.00
Scaffolding Boards 24 3ft x 216mm £41.00
Scaffolding Boards 24 5ft x 216mm £138.60
250G Raised Bed Lining 4 4M X 3M £32.00
Guttering Down Pipe 2.5m 1 2.5m cut in 5 piece £13.00
Bags of Soil 8 1 Tonne Free
Total Cost: £332


Pledged: £50 of £600