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Visualization - New Organic Design by Natalie and Agnie

Further to the discussion on the Garden Space Project thread we've have made many changes to initial design.

  • Pledge leader: Zia
  • Designer: Agnieszka Deberny
  • Landscape Architect: Natalie Yockelle
  • Carpenter: Justin Fishlock
  • Engineer: Ali Toraner
  • Metal Worker: Engineer: Zerahiah
  • Electronics: Mentar/Eugene


  • 09-APR-2015: Pledge drafted
  • 12-JUN-2015: Pledge ready


Our north east corner in the car park is currently a mix weeds and rubbish which can be transformed into a clean, green and social relaxing space at a total building cost of £255.

Sketch - Design and Measurements

Measurement of the Garden

Duration, Deadline

We plan to finish the project in 1-2 weeks.

More Details

We plan to build a organic edible garden space that allows the hackers to relax and unwind while sampling the delicious fruit and vegetable available.


Item Name Quantity Size Price
Timber Fence Post 9 75 X 75mm X 6ft £71.91
Fencing Line Wire 2 2mm x 50m £22.50
Fence Post Support 2 75mm £15.98
250G Raised Bed Lining 3 4M X 3M £23.97
Vegetable Plants + Fruit 30 7-9cm pot £60
Transport to get Plants + Material £60
Total Cost: £255

Plant Donations

We have noticed that a lot of people have plants to offer the space. I will add those that I have found on the mailing list and apologise for any I miss out. If you are interested in donating some plants then please add your name below with the plant.

  • Star Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Strawberries, Grapes, Mint, Roses - Zia Rahim
  • Rhubarb, Tomatoes, Chives - MScroggs

Garden Helpers

If you would like to get involved with helping build the garden, then please add your name below with what you would like to do.


Pledged: £280 of £255

Paid: £170 of £255

Target reached! Please pay your pledge amount into the Hackspace account with ref GARDEN then add "paid" next to your name below.