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Visalisation - note that revised plan only has 4 beds
Proposed location of the said garden

Further to the discussion on the Garden Space Project thread we've have rough costings for the project.

Pledge leader: Zia


  • 09-APR-2015: Pledge drafted


Our north east corner is currently a mix weeds and rubbish which can be transformed into a clean, green and social relaxing space. This group project aims to create a raised bed edible garden with a veranda with seating the total cost building cost in the Hackspace carpark is £575.

Sketch - Design and Measurements

Picture of Sketch here (Take from sketch pad) Photoshop Design Here (recreated from old design)

Raised Beds Varanda Height 3ft Height ft Width 3ft Width ft Length 5ft Length ft

Measurement of the Garden

More Details

We plan to

  1. build a veranda
  2. build 4 raised beds
  3. a deadline for the project to be completed in 6 weeks which is a realistic and reasonable time so that when the soil arrives we can place it inside.

Veranda Frame & Support

Item Name Quantity Size Price
Bolt Down Wedge Grip Fence Supports 4 4 Inches £23.00
Wood Posts 4 6ft x 100mm £40.00
Plastic Sheets 10 4ft x 2ft £41.00
Top Frame Wood – Back & Front 2 10ft x 75mm £35.50
Top Frame Wood - Sides 6 6ft x 75mm £20.00
Connect Wood Support from Veranda to Raised bed 3 6ft x 75mm £20.25
Gutter Pipe to transport water off the roof 1 13ft £17.00
Total Cost: £196.75

Veranda Grape Container & Frame

Item Name Quantity Size Price
Grape Vine back trellis 1 1.8m x 3ft £30.00
Garden Screening Bark Screening 1  ??? £33.00
Grape Plant 1  ?? £10.00
Raised Bed lining 250g 2 4M X 3M £16.00
Raised Bed Corner Posts 4 2ft Free (off cuts of other raised beds)
Scaffolding Boards 7 13ft x 225mm £90.65
Bolt Down Wedge Grip Fence Supports 2 4 inches £11.50
Total Cost: £191.15

Remainder of 2ft posts x 4 used for Grape raised bed)

4 Raised Beds

Item Name Quantity Size Price
Wood Posts (need 2ft per post) 4 10ft x 100mm cut in 5 piece £20.00
Bolt Down Wedge Grip Fence Supports 8 4 Inches £46.00
Scaffolding Boards 24 3ft x 216mm £41.00
Scaffolding Boards 24 5ft x 216mm £138.60
250G Raised Bed Lining 4 4M X 3M £32.00
Guttering Down Pipe 2.5m 1 2.5m cut in 5 piece £13.00
Bags of Soil 8 1 Tonne Free
Total Cost: £332


Pledged: £50 of £600