Pledge: Liquid Nitrogen

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Liquid Nitrogen and a bald chef with glasses looking evil

We are looking at purchasing some Liquid Nitrogen on a rolling basis

Pledge leader: Oni

Maintenance: Oni

Training / safety: Oni


All the information for safety use can be found at Liquid_Nitrogen. READ THIS NOW - No really! I'm not even kidding!

The item

Budget estimation

  • Delivery every 6 weeks .. £400.00 per annum (excl.VAT)
  • Delivery every 12 weeks .. £320.00 per annum (excl.VAT)

Actions / Information


  • Make tasty meats
  • Make ice-cream
  • Useful for biohackers (so I'm told)!
  • Reverse Gridle
  • Shrink fitting parts
  • Work with superconductors


Use reference LN2FOR2 when paying.

Running total: £480

Approximate target: '£384 minimum, £480 max

Still to pay from previous pledge