Pledge: Liquid Nitrogen

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Liquid Nitrogen

We are looking at purchasing some Liquid Nitrogen, preferably in time for the 12/05/2013 party

Pledge leader: Oni

The item

  • Basically, we want something along the lines of one Dewar as a one off delivery. We also need a set of gloves to handle the stuff.

Budget estimation

  • £130.00 plus VAT per delivery up to 50 litres for the Nitrogen - £156
  • £??? for handling gloves. They need to be of a special kind. Normal gloves ARE VERY BAD!
  • £??? for a lock. Probably not a lot I'd say.


  • Make tasty meats
  • Make ice-cream
  • Useful for biohackers (so I'm told)!

Additional information

  • We need to check over the cage Phil/Cepmender has made and find a position on floor one, near the rear windows to mount the cage and get a lock


Running total: £50

Approximate target: £200