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Seeing about helping bring MakerSlide tech to europe and getting some for ourselves

Pledge leader: Sci

The item

  • The item is currently a crowdsource campaign to get some Makerslide produced in the UK, as importing it from Canada makes it prohibitavly expensive.

Budget estimation

  • Budget depends on interest. The more we get as a group the more the price drops. The most it will cost is £12 per 1m length, the lowest will be £9.30.
  • The funding drive has met it's minimum amount, so any pledge should be met. When listing your amount of interest please assume the maximum price and we'll round it down to the actual price in the total based on what reward teir we'd hit/need.

We may need to round the order up to meet a pledge teir. We'll see how we can do this depending on final amount of interest. Shipping may be as much as £12 for the lot, so should be assumed in the final devision of cost.

  • Assume Small accessory bags to cost £17 and Large to cost £31. Assume Slide to cost £12/m.
    • Small bag of accessories - 8 Delrin V-Wheel shells, 24 washers and 4 Eccentric spacers.
    • Large bag of accessories - 16 Delrin V-Wheel shells, 48 washers and 8 Eccentric spacers.


  • The slide provides a cheap, light and accurate parallel linear slide for CNC-style projects and more. It is only available in 1m long sections.

Additional information

  • The crowdfunding ends on the 26th of September. We need to put our money down before then. I'm suggesting the time period for expressing interest be one week, then we have 10 days room after to arrange payment and get the pledge sent to the crowdfunding.

So, pledge interest open until Sunday 16th.

  • Sept 10th - Have messaged the fund organiser about the cost of additional accessory packs for larger pledges.
  • Heard back same-day. Once we have a complete shopping list he can provide us with a specific pledge amount. Extra accessory packs aren't a problem.


Lengths of Slide

Running total: 20m

Accessory bags

Large bags: 4

Small bags: 0


(over-estimated until confirmed)

Total (approx): £364 (+£12 P&P)