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Latest Nanode 5 - running code!

This a a pledge for the bulk purchase of PCBs and all required components for pledgers to construct the Arduino compatible Nanode boards.

Update 3-6-2011 23:48

Nanode Weekend

Welcome to the first Nanode Weekend - for some, the culmination of a very busy Nanode Week!

The aim of the next 2 days is to bring as many people up to speed on the Nanode Project, so hopefully you can go away with some new skills and some ideas that you can build upon.

Nanode is a first attempt at a collaborative inter-hackspace project, which teaches new skills and provides a useful platform for developing simple applications for the Internet of Things.

Nanode arose out of the desire to make a very low cost internet connected device, which could be used for a whole host of different sensor and control applications.

It started off in August of last year as three chips on a breadboard, and now, after about 6 months of winter dormant state, the idea germinated again in March and now it is 3 chips on a neat little pcb - which anyone can make.

Nanode is a bit like the home - computers I played with as a teenager, just about enough resources to do something useful, or fun. How many others started life with Spectrums or BBC B's?

Nanode distils the "spirit" of those early resource limited machines onto a small board - but adds one key ingredient - web connectivity. Nanode becomes an accessible smart device on the end of an infinite length of wire.

Nanode owes a lot of its heritage to the work of others. "Standing on the shoulders of giants".

Pascal Stang and Guido Socher wrote some clever C code about 5 years ago which makes it possible for a small, low cost device like Nanode to connect to the web.

There have been an number of similar implementations of this hardware in the last few years, but none have put everything on a small board which you can actually build yourself in a couple of hours.

Nanode takes the best of a whole load of other ideas and makes a small object of desire - building upon the hard work of others. This is the beauty of open source hardware and software - that we are allowed pick up the ideas of others, and positively encouraged to run with them. Nanode, whilst fairly primitive in its basic state, will be improved by others, who will have the desire to do something a bit different. This is technology evolving as we watch it - free from the constraints of big corporations who lock everything up in a closed shop.

I've a few people to thank for helping to get Nanode this far:

Firstly Ben Pirt - a fellow colleague from my Onzo days, who inspired me to get on with it in arch and produce the first prototypes.

Andrew Lindsay - who has built upon the firmware TCP/IP stack of Stang and Socher to make a workable internet connection

Usman Haque and Ed Borden of Pachube who have supported Nanode throughout the last couple of months of development.

Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea of, - a couple of talented young developers from rural North Wales who are tackling the grass roots business of open source energy monitoring.

Sam Carlisle and Matt Gaffen - two local enthusiasts at London Hackspace - who dropped everything for a mad trip to Wales to help kickstart the Nanode project.

John Crouchley and his mates at Nottinghack - who are early adopters of the latest Nanode.

Oleg Lavrovsky, Ben Scroggs, Thomas Amberg, Guenter Hoelzl and numerous others from hackspaces around UK, Europe and USA who have given their support to the Nanode project.

OK - speech over - here is the Agenda for tomorrow and Sunday

09:30 Coffee/Tea and meet with fellow coursemates

10:00 Introducing Nanode - Ken Boak

10:30 Web Connectivity for Smart Sensors - the Bigger Picture - Sam Carlisle

11:00 Introduction to open source hardware - behind the scenes at the Nanode Project

11:30 Build session 1.0 90 mins

13:00 Pizza and Beer

14:00 Build Session 2.0

15:00 "Tinkering Time"

15:30 Nanode Applications 90 mins

17:00 General Discussion, Q&A, debrief, open mike session

18:00 End of session - Relax and socialise

After 18:00 the course will continue informally until everyone wants to go home.

Timings will vary according to the pace on the day.

The workshop will be informal and anyone can feel free to offer comment, suggestion and ask questions. The only aim is to have you all experts in something by the end of the day.

I'm hoping that some folks will document to wiki,, blog, record, tweet and generally share and divulge the proceedings of the weekend.

Sam Carlisle will run a parallel thread focusing on more in-depth Nanode Applications for anyone who completes the build early or wishes to gain a better understanding of the web interfaces and software.

Nanode kits can be bought on the day priced £18 to members and £20 to non-hackspace members.

Looking forward to meeting you over the weekend,

Ken Boak

Update 2-6-2011

This pledge is now closed.

The 100 kits distributed through the London Hackspace have now been sold - in fact we are 25% oversubscribed.

Further Nanode Kits can be obtained at a price of £20 + £2 P+P from Ken Boak.

Please contact @monsonite on Twitter for further details.

Nanode Bulk Buy

Hackspaces can benefit from buying Nanodes in bulk and making them up themselves. For more details on the costs of various batch sizes, please contact Ken Boak @monsonite on Twitter.

With a group purchase we can get both PCBs and components at a great price. Furthermore, we avoid burdening Ken with the initial cost of PCB production and then having to recoup it retrospectively.

We have received a very generous sponsorship offer from Pachube, which will allow us to finance a batch of 100 bare pcbs. Nanode uses Pachube for its web connectivty, so it is very fitting that we have a symbiotic working relationship with those guys in Shoreditch. In exchange Pachube will receive and evaluate 10 Nanode kits and spread the word to their user base.

The have been many pcb enhancements to the original Version 2 prototype shown opposite. As a result we chose to build and test a free prototype board made at Spirit Circuits before we commit to the batch of 100 boards. As of 14/5/2011 now that I have successfully tested the new prototype, the version 5 pcb files are now ready for dispatch to the board manufacturer. We expect to have the boards back in the last week of May.

Update 2-6-2011

The pcbs arrived today and the first kit is built and up and running code.

Version 5 Nanode - Component side of pcb

There are no more kits available

All of the components have now arrived and the pcb manufacturer informed me that the boards are being shipped today!

Waiting List

Please put your name down here if you want to buy any of the Nanodes unpaid for by May 31st. Don't forget some contact detail like username or Twitter!

No more available (2/6/2011).

  • Tweaker 1 kit @ 18 quid sterling.No pound sign on my French keyboard,or US dollar sign!Say no more... Please supply contact detail - thanks Ken
  • gausie (1, £18)
  • 1 Solexious - Charles Yarnold - - Can pay immediately

Adrian I've bought two but will give one up to first on the waiting list, didn't expect we'd be oversubscribed. - Thanks Ken `````````````````````````` Tweaker-Do I take it thats me on top of the list?

Rob Blake - 1 please if available 4/6/11

Order Progress

Version 5 Nanode - Lower side of pcb

100 pcbs have now been ordered. Now confirmed for delivery on June 1st.

100 sets of Ethernet "Magjack" connectors ordered and now at Cremer St. (Thanks to Martin Klang for rescuing these from the "Special Delivery" nightmare).

100 sets of ICs and USB connectors ordered from Farnell - these being delivered to Ken's place of work - because of high value.

The remainder of low value components, resistors, capacitors, crystals, solder etc have just arrived from Rapid Electronics.

Nanode Build Weekend

If you intend to come along to the first of the Nanode build weekends on 4th/5th June - in order that we have some idea of numbers please add your name to this list under the day(s) you will come along. You are welcome to come on both days - space providing.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks will be available. For lunch the intention is to send out for pizza.

Both Days

Just Saturday 4th

  • Richard Inglis & Emil Inglis
  • Artag
  • asc
  • Mike Beardmore
  • Elena Williams (10am -11 only)
  • nneil
  • Tomm
  • Josh
  • h4rrydog
  • Sde

Just Sunday 5th

  • v21 Sunday
  • elyob Sunday most likely (poss both) (possible to collect prior .. as can build at home .. work in Shoreditch)
  • fon Sunday
  • Jyoti Sunday
  • Wonderer
  • amx109 Sunday (collecting definetly - dont mind building another time if there is limited space)
  • Elena Williams (10am -12 only)
  • Lazyatom Either day is fine really, but this is my preference
  • preich Sunday

No Preference

Pledge operation

This pledge will operate differently than others. Pledge amounts are fixed at £18 per Nanode kit. Each pledger will receive a PCB and the all of the components required for one Nanode for each £18 that they pledge. We'll stop the pledge and commence ordering when we reached a volume that enables us to purchase each bundle for £18 or less.


Please be sure that you know what you're buying!

  • Construction/soldering required
  • Access to a FTDI cable is required for programming the Nanode. You'll be using this frequently so it's best to have your own. - This may not be needed now - Ken is trying to fit a USB port onboard.
  • Access to an AVR programmer or another Arduino is required to burn the bootloader - you should only need to do this when you first construct the board. We have a suitable programmer at the space.

Pledge leader: Elliot

The item

Budget estimation

  • <all the bits you need>
  • <quotes from suppliers>


Pay with payment ref: 'NANODE1' - please stike out your name and mark it with 'PAID'.

If you are not a London Hackspace Member you can PayPal Ken kenboak at stirlingservice dot freeserve dot co dot uk with £20 for each Nanode required and £2 P&P. (Extra for non-UK P&P). Remember to include your postal address!

4 Units Available - up for grabs to anyone on the waiting list

Paid to Hackspace Bank or Hackspace PayPal 81 Kits

  • £18 (1) -- Lbdl 15:11, 22 April 2011PAID Mon 30 May 2011 NANODE1 (sorry for tardyness)
  • £18 (1) -- DMI 11:09, 20 May 2011 (UTC) (yes, a second one) (paid with NANODE1 15:00, 30 May 2011 (UTC))
  • £18 (1) -- Christian Nold/Softhook PAID Thurs 26th - £18 to Samthetechie to give to Ken
  • £36 (2) -- amx109 Fri Apr 1 12:19 PAID - 20110518 1427
  • £36 (2) -- Mildlymad Fri Apr 1 16:43 PAID - 18/05
  • £90 (5) -- earthshine 2011-04-15 07:28 UTC PAID
  • £18 (1) -- Tomwj 13:40, 7 April 2011 (UTC) PAID Sorry for lateness 04:25, 11 May 2011 (UTC) under MAKERBOT EXTRUDER Sorry
  • £36 (2) -- Teabot 12:09, 31 March 2011 (UTC) PAID
  • £72 (4) -- Spike 08:07, 1 April 2011 (UTC) PAID 02/05/11
  • £18 (1) -- jmccrohan PAID 2011-05-02 17:54:00 UTC - Plus postage to Ireland.
  • £36 (2) -- V21 09:46, 2 April 2011 (UTC) PAID
  • £36 (2) -- Catie 8:30, April 1, 2011 PAID 28/04/2011, sorry for lateness, was on holidays! :)
  • £36 (2) -- HKAirpost PAID 12:44, 22 April 2011 (UTC) - Paypal transfer label: "HKAirpost Payment NANODE1"
  • £36 (2) -- Ciemon PAID 21st April 2011
  • £18 (1) -- Martind PAID 08:38, 1 April 2011 (UTC)
  • £36 (2) --Monsonite PAID 2 kits for me
  • £180 (10) --Monsonite PAID 10 kits for Pachube
  • £18 (1) -- Chris Swetenham/Fib ( 21:40ish, 19 April 2011 (UTC) PAID (Ref 'NANODE', sorry) (Will pay P&P to Cambridge etc, let me know)
  • £36 (2) -- ArtagPAID 16:27, 19 April 2011 (UTC)
  • £72 (4) -- matthew venn Fri Apr 1 11:48:57 BST 2011
  • £36 (2) -- asc PAID 2011-04-15, 10:41, 1 April 2011 (UTC)
  • £72 (4) -- Bob/b3cft Paid Fri 15 April 2011
  • £18 (1) -- MartinJ PAID - although without ref NANODE1!! sorry! 2011-04-14 11:18 BST
  • £18 (1) -- DMI PAID 14:46, 13 April 2011 (UTC)
  • £18 (1) -- parag0n PAID (15th Apr, 15:50 ish) 14:51, 13 April 2011 (UTC) (Plus p&p to Manchester if thats OK)
  • £36 (2) -- elyob PAID - ref left off too .. sorry! 17:57, 5 April 2011 (UTC)
  • £18 (1) -- pyrhho PAID 09:21, April 16, 2011
  • £18 (1) -- WzDD 19:00, April 1, 2011. PAID, Apr 13
  • £18 (1) -- Preich 23:55, April 20, 2011. PAID, Apr 20
  • £18 (1) -- JamesBrown 14:04, 21 April 2011 (UTC). PAID, Apr 21
  • £36 (2) -- James Adam 22:38, 21 April 2011. PAID, Apr 22
  • £18 (1) -- Jyoti PAID 12:25, 22 April 2011
  • £36 (2) -- thehypnotist April 22, 2011. PAID via paypal (hope i added this correctly, quite confusing way to do things)
  • £90 (5) -- Dirk-Willem van Gulik (dirkx)Wed May 11 15:37:12 BST 2011, ****RW933981S.
  • £36 (2) -- actel 15:35 Mon 23 May PAID 23 May
  • £18 (1) -- Mark 16:26 Tue 24 May PAID 24 May
  • £36 (2) -- snim2 14:41, 10 April 2011 PAID 26 May
  • £36 (2) -- Adrian 22:57, 30 May 2011 PAID 30 May
  • £18 (1) -- nneil PAID ref NANODE1 2011-04-13 20:29 BST
  • £18 (1) -- John Crouchley PAID ref NANODE1 JOHNC 2011-04-14 09:54 BST
  • £18 (1) -- Wonderer PAID 2/6/2011 via paypal to Ken Trevor Daniel eb134 @ c i t y . - Received 1/6/11 with thanks Ken
  • £18 (1) -- asc (yes one more) PAID 2011-06-02, 13:54

Nanodes For NottingHack - or paid Ken via PayPal - 17 Nanodes Listed

  • £18 (1) -- Gavin Bell I'd like to take 1 of the four kits please @zzgavin on twitter Gavin Bell - added contact details
  • £18 (1) -- Ifung Lu :: 1 kit please @h4rrydog
  • £36 (2) -- Chunkyhampton 10:20, April 19, 2011 (FAO:Matt Little. PAID via paypal direct to ken - Nottinghack)
  • £18 (1) -- Matt Lloyd 18:22, 16 May 2011 (UTC) plus P&P to Nottinghack. PAID via paypal direct to ken
  • £18 (1) -- Roger Light 12.57, 16 May 2011 BSTpaid via paypal direct to Ken - to be sent to Nottinghack
  • £18 (1) -- Dylan Swift PAID Tue May 17 13:30 paypal direct to Ken (Nottinghack)
  • £18 (1) -- Michael Erskine 17 April 2011 (UTC) PAID plus £2 P&P direct to Ken (Nottinghack)
  • £36 (2) -- StuartP Tue May 17 20:30 PAID (Plus P&P to Birmingham please) paypal direct to Ken
  • £36 (2) -- ThomasMarks Wed May 20 20:15 Paid via paypal
  • £22 (1) -- Jacques Meunier Sat May 21 08:15 Paid via paypal to Ken Transaction ID # 5340505475966452A (Shipment to Belgium ;-) )
  • £22 (1) -- theorbtwo Tue May 24 8:59 paid via paypal to Ken, P&P to swindon (address on paypal) paypal transaction 4LD05571AT104473N
  • £36 (2) -- Webmeister Fri May 27 16:55 paid via paypal to Ken, Address on paypal, Paypal Transaction 506066074L530413D

- Running total: £1782 (99 kits allocated)

Kits Remaining: (1 kits)

Paid Up Total: £1782 (99 kits)