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* <s>£5 -- [[user:ciaran.mooney|Ciarán]]</s> PAID
* <s>£5 -- [[user:ciaran.mooney|Ciarán]]</s> PAID
* <s>£25 --[[User:Meurig|Meurig]]</s> PAID
* <s>£25 --[[User:Meurig|Meurig]]</s> PAID
* <s>£25 --[[User:Ajp|Ajp]] 16 March 2011 (will pay at the weekend)</s>
Paid '''£195'''
Paid '''£195'''

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Etch tank

PCB production had been growing at the last space, lets get more tools for it!

Also see discussion page - artag

newsflash A 4-tank unit (with wash baths and a sink) is due to be auctioned on thursday 17th march. Maybe we could buy it and install it in place of the unit 23 sink ? Don't know what it will go for but I suggest not very much compared with new equipment .. maybe £30 to £150. --Artag 14:26, 12 March 2011 (UTC)

The item

A bubble etch tank, to etch out PCBs in.

While you can use a bowl and slosh enchant around, it is much better to use a bubble etch tank. It etches faster and, evenly.


Pay with payment ref: 'PCBETCH'

Paid £195

Running total: £245

Approximate target: £239 (inc VAT + delivery) from ElectronElec