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Picture of the item

We are looking at purchasing a PCB Reflow Oven for the space

Pledge leader: Jon

The item

  • (or equiv)
  • The PCB Reflow Oven is used to solder surface mount components on to a PCBs. Small surface mount components are very difficult to solder by hand. A reflow oven allows you to stick the components to the board with solder paste, then heat the board up in the oven, which melts the solder and fixes the component. Using the oven also means all the connections are molten at the same time, and surface tension pulls the components in to alignment, delivering a better quality PCB than could ever me achieved with hand soldering. The oven can also be used to reflow existing boards. Sometimes board acquires a fault after a while, and reflowing the components sometimes fixes this. Using a professional oven also means the temperature of the oven follows the recommended temperature path, for both lead and lead free solders. Although a domestic oven can be used to reflow boards, you do not have the same level of control over the temperature gradient.

Budget estimation

  • There are a large number of Chinese origin ovens on FleaBay, some members have had success with. All the ads seem to be for the same model. See FleaBay link above.
  • I suggest we purchase a T962A. They are about £300 delivered.


  • The T692A is 1,500W and has a PCB area of about 300 × 320 mm.
  • It has 8 different built in temperature wave forms, for different types of solder paste and is fan assisted for even heat distribution.
  • (not to be confused with the T962, which is only 800w, and 180 x 235 mm)

Additional information

  • I'm sure we could hack one with an Arduino and Toaster Oven, but it wouldn't have the same features and someone needs to build it.


  • £20 -- Jon Russell

Running total: £20

Approximate target: £300