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* £20 -- [[User:MatStace|MatStace]]
* £20 -- [[User:MatStace|MatStace]]
* £30 -- [[User:MattP|MattP]] ([[User talk:MattP|talk]])
* £30 -- [[User:MattP|MattP]] ([[User talk:MattP|talk]])
Running total: '''£130'''
* £10 -- [[User:Bmsleight|Bmsleight]]
Running total: '''£140'''
Target: '''£250'''
Target: '''£250'''

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Pledge opened: Tuesday 8th April

Pledge leader: chixor

Pledge deadline: Tuesday 15th April


Some exciting things are happening in the yard. There's been talk of improving our BBQ area with proper lighting and a hydroponic veggie garden, not to mention the large shed that might become a radio shack and/or spray booth soon.

Unfortunately, nearly all of these projects requires power. This pledge is to raise enough money to run a power line from the ground floor out along the brick wall on the east side of the yard. The power line will be fitted with enough outlets to support all plans mentioned above.

Budget estimation

Total cost of materials including points, cabling, etc: £250


Paddy and Russ have planned this out, taking account of relevant regulations and our current power infrastructure. I believe the plan is to run a new line of power from the switch board through the back door and along the brick wall, terminating at the BBQ area.


Running total: £140

Target: £250