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* £5  -- [[User:Padski|PaddyD]]
* £5  -- [[User:Padski|PaddyD]]
Running total: '''£125'''
Running total: '''£140'''
Approximate target: '''£130'''
Approximate target: '''£130'''

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Rigol DS1052E


Bob's Rigol DS1052E - see https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/london-hack-space/xVia1vrydQo

1GSa/s 50MHz 8 bit 2-channel with 1 megasample storage. FFT, USB.

(storage and sampling shared over 2 channels, so 500MSa/s 500k samples in 2 channel mode)


We have a number of oscilloscopes but only one offers storage, the Philips PM3365A. Technology has moved on a long way from this early model and current devices are much more capable and easier to use. The Rigol range are well known as good and economical, and Bob is offering this current model at about half the retail price.

I don't suggest getting rid of the other oscilloscopes if this pledge is successful - the Philips will probably be little used but the analogue scopes (especially the Tektronix) remain very useful. Their traditional interfaces are fast and intuitive and their displays show how both digital and analog scopes can present misleading information.

Note : Bob's intention was to ebay this if he didn't get a buyer. However, I have bought it from him, so the pledge remains open and it can be bought from me instead if it succeeds. (I'm not donating the whole cost, sorry!) --Artag 12:54, 2 August 2012 (UTC)


Running total: £140

Approximate target: £130

Paid: £0