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* £15 - [[User:Teabot|Elliot]]
* £15 - [[User:Teabot|Elliot]]
* £20 - [[User:Nigle|Nigle]]
* £20 - [[User:Nigle|Nigle]]
* £20 - [[User:SpikeUK|Spike]]
Running total: '''£55'''
Running total: '''£75'''
Approximate target: '''£300'''
Approximate target: '''£300'''

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The Staubli Robot Arm needs a controller to robot and a power cable.

Pledge leader: mentar


  • Pledge started

The Item (original pledge)

On 7 June 2013 we got an industrial grade Staubli robot arm. The reason we got it is because the donor, Queen Mary's University no longer had the cable for it and got quoted over £3k to replace it. We have been in contact with Staubli and managed to reduce the cost and the best we managed to get was the following

The discounted price for the cable is £2,025.75 + Delivery.

It comes with an engineer and full test of the robot.

It also comes sale or return, but return will incur a restocking fee of £675.75 as we need to deal with Paris, not the UK.

Yep folks, that's over £2k for a cable. The alternative is for us to make our own! Paddy has managed to get a list of all the parts and the cost should be around £294.76 + a lot of soldering, crimping and patience. It's important to note that even if we make the cable all correctly there is no guarantee the robot will work but the donor assured us it was working fine before the cable was misplaced. There are at least 3 of us who really want to get the robot working and are willing to put the effort in as it's an amazing piece of kit with +-0.02mm tolerance for the end effector! i.e. it can be used for a lot of uses including:

  • 3D printing (maybe even similar to mataerial)
  • 3D sculpting
  • precision drilling (e.g. PCBs)
  • pick and place machine for SMT components
  • stirring your tea


Running total: £75

Approximate target: £300

Paid: £0