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Running total: '''£50'''
Running total: '''£65'''
Approximate target: '''£122'''   
Approximate target: '''£122'''   

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The Staubli Robot Arm needs a solid base to so that it can be semi-permanently installed in the robotics area.

Pledge leader: mentar

The plan

The plan is to cast a concrete base using a cardboard tube mould, it will weigh around around 300kg and provide a stable platform for the base

Full list

Name Quantity Total Price(£)
Cardboard tube 1 72
10mm studding (link) 4 12.50
About a dozen or so 10mm nuts. 3 nylocks, the rest standard (link) 4 12.50
A bag of 10mm washers (link) 1 2.00
Bags of pre-mix concrete (link) 4 27.56


Running total: £65

Approximate target: £122

Paid: £50