Pledge: Timber for woodwork projects

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Through and through cut timber

Current status


Pledge Overview

This pledge is intended to provide a quantity of air dried timber for those members who join the pledge to use in their woodwork projects at Hackspace. The proposal is explained in more detail under the topic ‘Proposal for a space in the yard to store and dry timber for use by all Hackspace members’ on the Hackspace Google Group!topic/london-hack-space/PjDB6uutxTY . I recommend that anyone considering taking part in this pledge first carefully read this topic before reading further here.

The timber would be cut ‘through and through’ into boards with waney/natural edges. The dimensions of the timber would be approximately 1 inch thick and 8 feet long. The width of the boards would vary as illustrated in the photo above. The estimated cost of the timber would be £10 per cubic foot. As an example, a piece of timber 19 inches wide by 1 inch thick and 8 feet long would equal roughly 1 cubic foot and would cost approximately £10.

By pledging £10, a member would get 1 cubic foot of timber, £20 would get you 2 cubic feet of timber etc.. Since I am intending to cut approximately 30 cubic feet of timber, the pledge would end once a total of £300 has been pledged. Please note that since the boards will vary in width, there would need to be a degree of flexibility on the part of the members participating in the pledge to take a little more or a little less timber than they pledge for at this point. For example, someone pledging £20 for 2 cubic feet might get 1.8 or 2.2 cubic feet (£18 or £22).

The timber species would depend on the logs that become available but would be one of the typical hardwood species growing in the UK (Oak, Ash, Beech, other.. etc.).

At this point I suggest that any interested members pledge an amount for timber as an expression of their interest, however I would prefer members not to make any payments to the Hackspace account until the timber is cut and stacked in the yard. This will allow the boards to be allocated between members in the best way possible to meet the quantity pledged for and for members to check the timber to make sure that they are happy with it before making payment.

Responsibility for the timber
Once payment is made by the members who have pledged, then they would take ownership of the timber. The timber would then need to air dry in the Hackspace yard for approximately 12 months before being brought inside as needed for use. All members taking part in the pledge would need to be collectively responsible for managing their timber in the stack in the Hackspace yard.


Pledges made for timber Now – 31 October 2015
Cutting and stacking of timber in the Hackspace yard November 2015
Members participating in the pledge pay pledge money to Hackspace account and take ownership of timber November 2015
Air drying of timber in the Hackspace yard November 2015 – November 2016

Pledge leader: Ed

Total Budget estimation

Total - £300


Will - £20

Total Pledged: £20