Pledge: Vacuum Pump

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This pledge is to obtain a large high-vacuum rotary pump for use on the High_Vacuum_Station. This would initially allow easy degassing of resins, and crude vacuum experiments, but later allow the diffusion pump to function correctly for ultra-high-vacuum experiments including fun with plasma and making custom mirrors.

A 2nd hand pump of suitable ultimate pressure and pumping speed will go for in the region of £150 upwards. These however are not common, so should be acquired as high priority.

There is currently an uncontested auction on ebay for the BEST pump advised for use with the Edwards E04 diffusion pump. This auction ends 15th October however. Start bid + postage would be £135. An additional £15 would be needed to get new pump oil for it. Total £150.


Because it is a crucial component of the high-vacuum station, and will allow a wide range of other work once complete as well as more day to day work in the meantime.

Any surplus pledge money will go toward other vacuum system components.


Sci - £50 Adrian Godwin - £20

Running total - £70

Goal - £150 (minimum) - £300 (approx maximum)