Pledge: Wood Lathe Upgrade

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Our current wood lathe has reached the end of its useful life in a community space like ours. We would like to upgrade it to a much newer and substantially more capable Nova DVR XP. Pledge opened: 21st Feb 2022

Pledge leader: Jonathan Hodgson

The item

The lathe available to us also comes with the stand, bowl turning outrigger and a chuck with multiple sets of jaws

Budget estimation

£850 Total, targeting £250 through this pledge any additional funds will go on the remaining balance or tooling


  • £100 -- Jonathan Hodgson
  • £25 -- Arthur aka tinnerz PAID
  • £25 -- Adrian Godwin PAID
  • £20 -- Stephen O'Brien
  • £20 -- Dan Bird
  • £10 -- Dragos PAID
  • £25 -- Colin Fowler PAID
  • £30 -- Ant PAID

Running total: £255


Paid : £90

Please pay your pledges into the hackspace account and make sure to use the reference Woodlathe , once paid please mark them as PAID above. or if you are having difficulty let us know on the mailing list and we will update it for you - Thanks