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Morticer Pledge
There have been quite  few people using the wood shop doing various bit, a couple of people have expressed an interest in a morticer whilst not every may use this tool, you may have used other tools that other funded, clearly the more people chipping in the better so if you could spare 10 or even 20 quid that would be great
There are various models and sizes the hope would be to get one set up for around 300 quid
== Pledge : Morticer Pledge  
== Pledge : Morticer Pledge  
=== What's it good for? ===
=== What's it good for? ===

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== Pledge : Morticer Pledge

What's it good for?

  • Creating Mortice joints

How much ?


  • £300


  • £20 -- Richard Wood
  • £20 -- Jonathan Hodgson
  • £20 -- Dean Forbes

Running total: £60

Approximate target: £300

Paid: £--

Please pay in your pledges into the hackspace account directly (same as membership) account and make sure to use the reference Mortice, once paid please mark them as PAID on this page next to your name in the pledge list.

Bank Account Details can be found at - https://london.hackspace.org.uk/donate.php