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(Current pledge drives)
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* {{Pledgefor|Pyrography Machine}}
* {{Pledgefor|Pyrography Machine}}
* {{Pledgefor|100L Stainless Pot}}
* {{Pledgefor|100L Stainless Pot}}
* [[Pledges/UVExposureBox]]
==Current pledge drives==
==Current pledge drives==

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We hold pledge drives for the purchase of items for the space that cannot reasonably be bought using Hackspace funds, or are desired by a minority of members.

You may pledge whatever you can afford and should expect to have a say on the product selection and purchase. Ultimately, however, pledges are in most cases a targeted donation: the purchased object is then owned by the whole hackspace rather than the group of members who paid for it, and they receive no permanent privileges unless otherwise agreed.

Once you have paid your pledge, please mark your pledge entry as paid.

If you want to start a pledge then use this handy guide.

See a list of all pledge pages.

The hackspace bank details can be found here.

Closed pledge drives (awaiting payment)

Current pledge drives

Archived pledge drives