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|Near the Touch Table
|Near the Touch Table
|Daniel Alexandre
|in the wicker basket
|[[ask around]]

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Details of items delivered to the space for specific individuals, or items expected to arrive at the space.

We should perhaps describe here the policy for sending post to the space - do we have one?

How about "Don't do anything dodgy. Avoid getting the space on junk mail lists."?

It will help if your full name is on your personal box so your delivery of components can be thrown in your box instead of lost in the general clutter someone in the space.

The people at unit 22 arrive around 9AM, we have occasionally accepted early morning deliveries for them. If nobody is going to be around to give it to them it may be better to suggest the delivery person leaves it with the security guard at the business center entrance.

See also Guides/Bringing_items_to_the_space if you are considering getting anything big delivered. If you get something huge delivered, such as a fruit machine, it may get scrapped if you have not informed the mailing list, labeled it and got it out of peoples way pronto.


Recipient Item Instructions (if any) Date Last Updated
Elliot Parcel from Rapid Please give to Glen, Elliot, or leave by the MakerBot.
JasperWallace Farnell x 2 leave on table 16/03/11
Ajp justbandsawblades.co.uk leave on top of green bandsaw(read wiki before attempting installation or terrible things may happen) 16/03/11
Charles Yarnold Electronics Components Please put in my box "Solexious". 26/04/11
Charles Yarnold and Ciarán Mooney Electronics Components Please put in either Charles box or mine (Ciarân) 26/04/11


Recipient Item Arrived Location Contact
Mark Janes Parcel 24/11/2010 Somewhere in the space solexious
Lee Hayward Parcel 25/01/2011 HaywardGB's box try asking Sam the techie
Matthew Venn Parcel 02/03/2011 Near the Touch Table JasperWallace
Daniel Alexandre Parcel 02/03/2011 in the wicker basket ask around