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Details of items delivered to the space for specific individuals, or items expected to arrive at the space.

We should perhaps describe here the policy for sending post to the space - do we have one?

How about "Don't do anything dodgy. Avoid getting the space on junk mail lists."?

It will help if your full name is on your personal box so your delivery of components can be thrown in your box instead of lost in the general clutter someone in the space.

The people at unit 22 arrive around 9AM, we have occasionally accepted early morning deliveries for them. If nobody is going to be around to give it to them it may be better to suggest the delivery person leaves it with the security guard at the business center entrance.

See also Guides/Bringing_items_to_the_space if you are considering getting anything big delivered. If you get something huge delivered, such as a fruit machine, it may get scrapped if you have not informed the mailing list, labeled it and got it out of peoples way pronto.


Recipient Item Instructions (if any) Date Last Updated
Benjamin Blundell Dell PC Please put somewhere safe. Will be collected soon. 17th March 2012
tomw laptop battery, nerf darts Please put in my bin or somewhere safe and email the list 01st may 2012


Recipient Item Arrived Location Contact
Leon Van Dar Walt Brown box marked 'Sealey' Before 7th Feb (I just found it) On the drawers just beyond the bookshelf on the right as you enter the HS This wiki item updated by
Charles Yarnold White padded parcel 30 April In the Mail box Logged by Zoe
Charles Yarnold small white padded parcel 1 May In the Mail box Logged by Zoe
Benjamin Blundell brown A4 envelope 1 May In the Mail box Logged by Zoe
James Pagenzhaw tall brown cardboard box 1 May won't fit in the Mail box so is opposite leaning next to the coat pegs Logged by Zoe