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There are many small and little things that need doing, that we could all do, which would go a long way to help make the space a nicer place. We are going to call these things papercut's. We aim to list these papercut's so users of the space can identify and maybe eradicate them.

What is a Papercut

These are the sort of papercuts we're after:

  • Improves the general usability of the space
  • Asked repeatedly by newcomers
  • Makes it a nicer place

Papercut Criteria

If you add a papercut it must meet these critera

  • Easily identifiable job that takes no more than 5-30 minutes by atleast one person (more the merrier)
  • Obvious how to achieve the task, or clear instructions provided in a separate wiki page.
  • Will not negatively affect anything else

Feel free to add suggested solutions, but please add a date to any suggestions so we don't get knee-jerk fixes. If suggested solutions are complex, please create a wiki page under your username and link it. If you've already fixed something, put it in <s>strikethrough</s>

Paper Cuts

  1. Recycling: relabel the bins to make it clear that we can't actually do recycling
  2. Put the bucket bass high horizontally on the wall in the social area using some hooks it can rest on - gets it out of the way but keeps it accessible. should be easy enough to put up, and get down.
  3. Mount a used laser tube above doorway to the 'main' room. It looks pretty.
  4. Add secondary shelf to the quiet room to provide additional storage space - the wood is already in the room under the desks. Just needs mounting. See Phil/capmender for info
    1. The desks in the quiet room get moved around, this may not be the most appropriate place for storage. Robert 21:16, 26 August 2011 (UTC)