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Bicycle Trailer

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Bike Trailer Attached.jpg

I made a bike trailer from rubbish.

All of the raw materials were wombled from skips.

The frame is 2 by 2's from estate agent signs.

The wheels are from the Walthamstow Bicycle Recycling Project.

The trailer arm is from an office chair that collapsed.

The box is a recycling tub, found abandoned in a park.

The corner padding is broken bike tire.

The brackets were scrap dexian, and some aluminium from the scrap metal bin.

The only paid-for parts were the shackles bought from Beales, a ship-chandlers in Covent Garden, and the frame screws bought from Clerkenwell Screws.

I've also added some eyelet-screws to assist attaching bungee cords.

We can now womble bigger things...

Bike Hitch

To attach the trailer to your bike you need a hitch.

Back Wheel with hitch.jpg

Cut a short length of Dexian. There's plenty in the metal bins.

Use a drill to widen the holes for the bike axle, and for the shackle.

Hitch With Shackle Close Up.jpg

There is currently one spare shackle attached to the trailer. If you want to use this regularly, then buy another shackle from Beales. (They've got lots of other lovely toys too...)