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Box Identification
Created 01/02/2012
Members Montyphy
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Currently there are the very minor issues with the Member's Storage Boxes in that it's not easy to describe the location of a box to another member and it's not easy to tell if a box on the shelf is owned by an active member.


  • Label each bay of the storage shelves with location indicators.
  • Label each member's box with a QR code representing its ID that is then used to query information about its owner.
  • Create an interface to allow members to maintain the location and ownership of their box(es).
  • Create an interface for members to represent and share information about the location of their box.
  • Create an interface for searching the name/nickname of a member to get the location of their box.

Use Cases

  • Lookup a QR code that's on a box and get told who owns it (if anyone).
  • Search for a member's box using their nickname or name.
  • Easy shareable location indicators e.g. image of box location.
  • Be able to generate labels for the boxes.
  • Associate a box with a member.
  • Disassociate a box from a member.
  • Allow a member to set the location of their box.


  • Shelf locations will have the format /s\d\db\d\d/ e.g. s01b10. With the first segment (/s\d\d/) representing the shelf and the second segment (/b\d\d\/) will represent the particular bay of that shelf.
  • Shelf bays will have to be labelled sequentially bottom to top to account for when people double stack the top bays.
  • A location indicator can be generated by visiting /members/storage_image.php and attaching a box location with ?box= e.g. /members/storage_image.php?box=s10b04 will create:

File:Example box location.png

  • Started creating the member maintenance interface.