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VMs in Hackspace


2) Link from wiki server list page (move to front page) to a page that lists status of VMs

3) And IRC (list all real and virtual) servers in the space and how to log in via SSH)...


Guess we need a list of real and virtual servers plus SSH / Remote-Desktop addresses available to folks. Do we run our own DNS server so that we can hang the VMs off the for named external access? Easiest way I guess would be to set up something like tomcat so that a page can be auto-generated with all the information and linked off the front of the wiki (with bonus points for uptime, etc).

Is there a need for external access currently? For now, people can ssh in, and we use internal DNS. I'd really avoid tomcat if at all possible - iptables and mod_rewrite can do it for much less effort and overhead. Ms7821 15:49, 16 April 2011 (UTC)