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We have been accepted onto the "Great Global Hackerspace Challenge". This is a challenge to build a piece of equipment for the classroom.


More details in the original announcement.


We have to say why we should be allowed to enter, by the 11th of march. This section is a draft for ideas about why we are awesome. I suspect they are looking for impressive projects, so if people want to blow their own trumpets go ahead. Ideally mobile/electronic stuff? Srimech's turing machine might be a good thing, if he wants to get involved?

We have recently started Young Hackspace where we show a bunch of kids around the space and get them to interact. One of the activities was we got them to draw pictures for the hackspace zoo, which we then scanned and laser cut for them to take home.


There are different routes we could go in terms of educational content.


  • Plasticine makerbot


  • Some robot or other. Maybe a plotter controlled like logo?
    • Moved to discussion page.
  • Programming Bricks (see discussion page)


  • A visible (possibly UV) spectrometer.
    • See above link or this pages Discussion.


Put down what you are interested in working on


Member Language
Eb4890 Any
Ciarán Python
Solexious Arduino c++
Mark Any


Member Skills
Ciarán Basic soldering
Solexious Electronic Fu


Member Skills
Ciarán Happy to design, and cut stuff on laser cutter.

Time Table

We've got to give two reports a week, so I'm going to make a tentative timetable based upon that. Feel free to mod.

Week Deadline First report
1 25th March Create your profile and submit first blog update
2 1st April Hackerspace Challenge Blog Post 2
3 -- status of your build and quick summary of obstacles encountered
4 15th April Hackerspace Challenge Blog Post 3
5 -- provide a review of the challenge to date. Is the pressure on? What have you learned?
6 30th April End of Build Date
-- 2nd May - 5th May Judging Period
-- 6th May 3 Semi-Finalists Announced.
-- Week of 16th May San Francisco....
-- 22nd May Grand Finale


We have to have bios. Foolishly they didn't specify they had to be serious bios.

Solexious: An advanced robot sent from the future for turning pizza, chips and Cola into circuit boards and lulz.

Mark: Well known Tom Cruise impersonator ms7821 takes breaks from his busy impersonation schedule to hack assembler, C, python and troll people on IRC

Ciarán: One day this chemist wandered into the hack space, a lair of programmers and electronics geeks. So far he has managed not to arouse the suspicion of the natives.

Eb4890: This overly dreamy coder/CNCer tried to organise an application for a global hackspace challenge. Too late did he realise his mistake. In revenge for his heinous crime of organising he was crowned leader of the challenge. An empty title, but now he has to relearn little used cat herding and electronics skills.

Monkeyjam: The youngest member of the group, he will make sure that the old guys can communicate with young people and not go into endless monologues about how back in the day we only had 50 MG storage and 4MB of ram. And no that was not in our phones, it was in our computers.

Others: Please to be placing yourself


Original Proposals