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We are planning to set up 3 communal systems for anyone to use. Currently there is only difference, we are looking for any donations of desktop systems that would be good for anyone to use. For donations either post to the mailing list or contact Martin by emailing

Why use desktop systems?

They're easier to upgrade, once we have 3 communal systems we will continually upgrade them with hardware if its better than what we already have in a strictly 'worst hardware gets dumped' policy. Anyway, heres what we currently have:

Current Systems


Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz processor


Radeon X300 128MB VRAM



See the page for specs


Also see the page for specs.

Dosn't have a screen and keyboard setup, or a place for it to go.


The cream coloured machine.

The silver stone fancy media PC

The 1U server running the stratasys (probably best left alone!)