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Ethernet Arduino
Created 12/Aug/2010
Members Elliot
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Discussions on the list highlighted great interest and demand for cheap Ethernet enabled Arduino compatible boards. A plan was hatched to produce a number of these boards for members and possibly for sale. Increased volumes would result in lower unit cost.

Meurig is currently constructing some similar boards using plans from Instructables and is therefore likely to be a good source of information. These boards are being etched at the space and are of 'through hole' type.


Regarding the ENC28J60 paired to the ATmega328:

  • This chip has been used by Tuxgraphics who I believe worked on the original code to pair it with the ATmega168/328.
  • NuElectronics also use it on their Ethernet shield - and have some code examples.
  • Andrew Lindsay has rewritten the code to make it easier to understand and use. He has also written a Pachube client with twitter updates.
  • A similar project on Instructables.

Board specification

  • Surface mount to reduce size
    • PCBs supplied by a 3rd party
  • Arduino compatible
  • atmega328 32pin quad package

Rough plan

  • Agree on specification
  • Breadboard prototype
  • Design board
  • Build a prototype board
  • ...
  • Profit!

Bill of materials

  • ENC28J60
  • ATmega328
  • Magjack

Individual interests

  • Elliot: Has components for prototypes and is willing to: prototype, make boards, write code, assemble, buy 4 of these boards. However, his skill may not be as great as his enthusiasm...
  • t0m Would love to buy 2/3 SMT kits myself to practice SMT soldering. If someone is organising a load of these, would be happy to spend a weekend soldering them up for the practice. (My regular soldering is good, I've never done any real SMT however)
  • tomwj: I too would be interested in making, soldering and general prototyping/production of these boards and buying a couple