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So we have 8 goodfet PCBs mailing list discussion

Presumably we have the latest boards (v41)

GoodFET tutorial

We need a volunteer to order the parts and get money from people. Jasper is too busy with important things.


Lets do a bulk order for the components.

Item Package Qty Supplier Price (x1)
FT232RL SSOP28 1 £3.84
MSP430F2618TPM QFP64 1 Farnell or RS £17.63 or £11.28
0.1μF Decoupling Capacitors 0603 2
LED 0603 3
330 Ohm Resistors 0603 2
Mini USB Receptacle UX60-MB-5ST 1
Mill-Max 850-10-050-20-001000 1
2x7 pin 0.1" Male Header 1

People involved

  • JasperWallace 16:29, 5 June 2012 (UTC)
  • Russ
  • Mark
  • Aaron Oliver-Taylor (member?)
  • Paul
  • Aden
  • AJP (looks like we have more people interested than we have boards so consider me low priority, will hand over a fiver if someone wants to order a few more from Travis)
  • bambam
  • Andy Cousins