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Created 01/06/2013
Members tgreer, Ruben, Vic, Sam, Filbert
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The Hacktenna was built by the Ham Radio hackers on the 1st of June 2013. Sadly it died in a violent encounter with a large vehicle formerly used for public mass transport. This information is for reference.

It is a random length wire (with random length being around 20m) hanging about 1m above the fence, and insulated from the transmission line by a ferrite choke with five loops of wire. The antenna can be easily tuned with an ATU in most HF bands.

Orientation is roughly N/S, so we hope to be able to communicate on the E/W direction (which leaves out Africa, unfortunately).

We did two way contact with Italy, and heard several stations from Russia, Germany, and the UK.


The wire length was altered and better tuned to the 20m band on the 22nd June 2013 by Filbert & TGreer

Ham hacktenna soldering a.jpg Ham hacktenna hanging antenna a.jpg Ham hacktenna hanging antenna b.jpg

Ham hacktenna soldering b.jpg Ham hacktenna tuning.jpg

Photography by Vic (M6BOK), used with permission.