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Project maintained by teabot, contact via IRC


A Java API for controlling Rako home lighting systems.

Initial project goals are to allow the setting of room scenes from a Java based API via the Rako Ethernet bridge. If this is successful the plan is to also implement features necessary to configure/program Rako devices in a similar manner to RakoSoft.

Current equipment

  • 500w dimmer
  • 7 button control panel
  • Rako Ethernet bridge
  • RakoSoft
  • iPhone with Rako app

Proposed method

  1. Construct a minimal Rako system with one channel and an Ethernet bridge [Complete]
  2. Contact Rako to see if they have an API available [One week and no response]
  3. Obtain connectivity between the bridge and the iPhone app and/or RakoSoft on a network that allows snooping [In progress]
  4. Monitor traffic between iPhone app/RakoSoft/Bridge Web UI to determine a suitable candidate for reverse engineering
  5. Create some simple tests that deliver observed packets to the bridge
  6. Reverse enginner protocol
  7. Implement the protocol with Java :-)


I have had a little snoop on the RakoSoft traffic with WireShark and it appears to use non-trivial protocol - darn...