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Please add comments to the sections below as appropriate General comments Priorities A/ Make lighting "fit for purpose" B/ Reduce power consumption C/ Minimise capital costs D/ Reduce maintenance

If new fittings are installed alongside the existing (disconnected) ones, on moving out they can be taken with us and the originals re-connected.

Ideas for replacement of existing lighting.

A Replacement tubes/starters for existing fluorescent fittings

Pros No changes to existing installation New lamps should last ~5/10,000 hrs Inexpensive No specialist skills needed

Cons Power consumption remains high Fittings may fail soon, they are probably in the last quarter of their life.

B Replace existing fittings with new, more efficient type of fluorescent (T5 etc.)

Pros Reduced consumption New fittings will easily outlast our occupancy of the premises


C Replace existing incandescent lamps with CF lamps



D Replace existing fittings with LED equivalent

(Either commercial fittings or "home brewed") Pros Good , consistent light Low consumption Commercial fittings are complete, reliable and easily installed with minimum effort.


Sources of Supply

London Bulbs Ltd

IKEA (insert URL)

Maplin (insert URL)